//CAGECITY'S current collection//

//CAGECITY'S new SS14 collection//

//SWEEEEETIESSS; pick 'n mix all round//

//The beautifully decorated underground pop up shop//

So last week I was invited by my friend, old housemate and fellow fashion blogger Becki to CAGECITY'S first press day and they kindly agreed to let me come along :) the whole event was a lovely mixture of sugary, creative, fashionable treats! We were welcomed by founders Nadine and Leyla with (rather strong) raspberry daiquiris, got to preview the new collection, eat some cupcakes, and DECORATE SOME BEANIES!!

CAGECITY is a really cool online brand that represents basically "not giving a shit", after chatting to Nadine and Leyla I discovered that the idea behind the brand is to wear what you want, whenever you want. So many people feel pressured to dress in a certain way but at CAGECITY, they believe that everyone should embrace their own dress sense at all times (where the name comes from). There is something for everyone here as well, there is a really quirky laid back vibe to the brand with plenty of vintage and statement pieces but also some classic staple pieces too. I could literally have swapped these rails for my wardrobe!! I really like the fact that CAGECITY  provide upcoming designers a place to showcase their designs because it means that you can pick up some really cool pieces that you wouldn't find on the high street. Selling one-off's mean that if you buy something here there is no chance you'll see anyone else wearing it which is a HUGE selling point for me!!

I thought I would preview some of my favourite pieces that caught my eye so here we go...
This knitted dress is probably my favourite piece that I spotted at the press day... I love a slouchy dress because you can wear them all year round. I would wear this one with black tights and my cut out biker boots, maybe with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath for winter but definitely with a big chunky gold necklace and probably a beanie...

This little cardigan/coat/furry/jumper is perfect for this weather, it's black and cream so it would match with everything and give anything plain a bit of an edge... I love items of clothing like this because you don't really have to make much of an effort with the clothes underneath, you can throw this on over the top and everything looks great :)

This top was in the preview section for SS14,  it caught both mine and Becki's eye so I had to feature it, I love the holographic sleeves, and the length of the cut. I think it would be a perfect "out for drinks" top either with high waisted jeans, leather trousers or a pencil skirt and Dr Martens :) 

Lastly, we got to decorate our own beanies, I was in heaven, I love hats and I love arts and crafts, Perfect!... Although you wouldn't be able to tell that from my hat, I wanted something simple that would take some battering because I'm probably going to wear it an awful lot so I went for the "less is more" look...

//I've worn my hat to work already//

Thanks CAGECITY for a lovely day, it was so good to meet everyone and to get to hear the story behind the brand because now I feel a loyalty towards it which means there will definitely be some purchasing... damnit!! Huge Thumbs up from me, if you want something unique, fun and a little bit of a statement then I would really recommend checking out their website for yourselves: