How do you wear your polo neck?

//Beanie: Primark//Vintage Lee jeans// Polo neck: Primark// Boots: Topshop//

  I am LOVING polo necks at the moment, they are so warm and you can pretty much wear them for any occasion. This is a cheap one from Primark, I bought it at the weekend (along with 2 more) because I couldn't find mine (living with your 2 sisters means that nothing is your own anymore) and I have worn them all already. A plain polo neck is definitely a staple in my wardrobe this winter so I thought I'd show you how I style mine... because I really do live in mine (I'm a cold person, brrr).

  This first one (above) is a casual look that I would wear day to day, I am also living in these boots at the moment, they are from Topshop (quite a bargain actually) but they are sooooo comfy! I love that they have cut out bits because you can match your socks with your outfit. I have a pair of glittery ones that look great! Anyways polo neck outfit numero uno...

 //Blazer: Next//Trousers: Primark//Polo neck: Primark//Shoes: Missguided//Necklace: Forever 21//

In my previous post I mentioned that I was looking for jobs at the moment... well here it is: my favourite interview outfit, I think a polo neck is the perfect "officewear" for the winter, you can really dress it up and make it look as smart as you need, jewellery makes everything better :) I can't wait to try out this outfit for some employers!

//Skirt: Primark//Polo neck: Primark//Boots: Missguided//Necklace: Forever 21//

The third style choice obviously has to be for a night out, I probably wouldn't wear this  if I were going clubbing because I think it would be a bit toasty, however I have worn this combo to meet the girls for drinks and I have no complaints. I would also add tights and my fur coat and wear this in the day, it doubles up nicely :)

Anyways, however you look at it, Polo neck = Winter Staple



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  1. I've got that polo neck.. wearing it nearly everyday, love it! You look great

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