The first signs of Christmas...

//Tartan tops: Primark// Jeans: Vinatge//

Yesterday, I went shopping in London so I thought I would give you a sneak peak into my shopping bags at some of the bargains I found... It was one of those days where you actually have money to spend on yourself  for once but typically, you can't really find anything you like. I did, however, manage to find these two little tartan-esque tops in Primark for just £6 each!! I couldn't resist them at that price and they are perfect for throwing on with high waisted jeans as they are that little bit shorter in length which means you can't quite wear them with leggings... you know what I mean? 

I am absolutely thrilled with my next purchase... Vintage jeans!!! I already have two pairs but I have been looking for a slimmer fit, skinny pair for ages because mine are sort of " baggy look" jeans. I picked these up from a little vintage shop in Camden, I was so pleased when I found my size because vintage items rarely ever appear in my waist size, I don't know whether this is because they don't come in that size or if everybody else gets there first.  Anyway I love them, and I am probably going to live in them now so watch out for them on my blog :)
There is a really good selection of vintage shops in Camden (especially in the Stable area), I could spend hours rummaging through all the rails but unfortunately it was a Sunday so we didn't have a lot of time. Give me vintage shops and quirky little jewellery stalls and I am one happy girl!

Lastly, an explanation of the title of this post is in order... walking down Oxford St made me feel so Christmassy, the lights on all the flagship stores were amazing I really wish I had taken more photos but it was so crowded I didn't dare stop to take pictures for fear of being trampled on. Having said that... I love shopping at Christmas time, even if it is busy, its is one of the best ways to get into the festive spirit I love looking at all the novelty Christmas items and decorations. Jack was looking for a tacky Christmas jumper in Primark and came across this Santa hat, I especially like that it is actually a chin warmer as it has a little pocket for your chin haha. First Christmas shop of the year... slightly unsuccessful but a lovely day out all the same :)  

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