Killer Heels=Converse for a week

//Bomber: Forever21//Jumper: New Look//Leather leggings: Primark//Necklace: Forever21//Shoes: Converse//

Ahhhh it's been just over a week since I last posted!! Such a busy week and I'm paying for it now, I ache all over. I've had a string of job interviews in London and yesterday I graduated with a Masters degree from London met which ended in celebrations in Leicester Square :) Of course, each occasion meant wearing a pair of heels which has ultimately KILLED my feet... I have learnt the hard way that even my "comfortable heels" do not allow for an 8 hour wearing time without blisters. All this means is that that I get to live in my Converse for a while!! Hence this outfit...

I wore this on Friday to go bowling, me and Jack decided to re-live our childhood but it was so much fun. next time we are going to play air hockey too! I love this bomber jacket, I picked this up in America in September from Forever21 and I'm wearing it like a cardigan. It's too cold to wear it by itself at the moment so I just put my fur coat over the top when I go outside. I'm also in love with this fluffy jumper... I feel like a teddy bear when I wear it, it's soo cosy and I can see myself wearing it a lot this winter, for £22.99 you can't go wrong! The only thing is, it started unravelling on the sleeve but I still have the receipt so exchanging it shouldn't be a problem.

My next post will probably be my graduation outfits from day to night... I have so many pictures I need to sort through them all before I can start uploading :) It won't be so long in between posts next time.


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