My Sale Finds...

//Boots: Topshop (sale)//Bag: Next (sale)//Earrings:Topshop (sale)//

I couldn't resist!! I just couldn't not go sale shopping! As much as I hate crowds and queueing, Jack and I decided to make a last minute trip to Portsmouth the day after boxing day to brave the shops and it actually wasn't that bad! Soo I thought I'd show you what bargains I picked up along the way (it actually wasn't that much, shock)!

I got these boots from Topshop and they were reduced to £30 from £72!! I've been looking for some everyday heeled boots for a while now so these were an absolute steal! I do have another pair but they are just soo uncomfortable I can't bring myself to wear them. These ones don't even feel like they have a heel so they are perfect for wearing in the day to dress up an outfit!
I also picked up these earrings in Topshop for £4.50, they had soo many to choose from, if you're looking for some new jewellery Freedom at Topshop have some amazing pieces at the moment and so much of it is in the sale... It's definitely worth taking a look.

My last bargain was this black and sheepskin bag from Next... I very rarely see bags that I like because I always feel like they are too big or too small or don't have enough pockets in them but this one ticked all the boxes... and it was just £14! It's the right size that you can fit A4 books in too, I could have done with this when I was at uni!!

The only other bits I got was some festive tea from Whittard's and some gym leggings... very well behaved I know!! Overall it was just a really nice day out and these purchases were a bonus :) We also tried Chiquito's for the first time and OMG... will definitely be going back. We both had burgers (I had a tex mex and Jack had some sort of double stack smokey burger) and they were absolutely huge!! Yum!



  1. Just found your blog through a forum! I loveeeee those boots and such great value too!


    1. Thank you :) so pleased with them, i wore them for the first time at the weekend and they are actually really comfy!! xox

  2. I'm here from =) Great finds hun! I really love that bag, I have one just like it but it's started to tear!

    Corinne x

    1. Ahh no, go to Next and pick up a new one lol!! I couldn't believe how cheap it was. thanks for the comment too :)