Top Knots and Colourful Coats

//Trouser Leggings: Primark//Jumper dress: H&M//Coat: Red Herring (old)//Necklace: Asos (old)// Ring: H&M//Shoes: I have no idea//

Today I popped into town to pick up what I thought was the last of my Christmas shopping (turns out it's actually not, but I am close!!). This was just a really comfy outfit that I was wearing around the house and when it was time to leave, threw some jewellery and fur at it. This is my FAVE fur coat, it was from Debenhams about 2 years ago now and I remember thinking that it was a bit expensive for a student to be paying out for but I'm so glad I did!! Sometimes you need to splash out on something that you love and will last you a long time. Because it's purple it adds colours to any outfit so if I feel that I look a bit plain this coat is a definite... I like that!

I bought these rather thick trouser/legging things from Primark yesterday because I'm sick of all my leggings being either see-through or full of holes. I thought these would do the job nicely and when I took them to the counter they only charged me £1!! I will say though that the sizes come up really big so these are a bit baggy but you can't complain for that price... a long jumper to hide the dreaded "saggy crotch" and they look fine.

Lastly, I have been wearing my hair like this for 3 days straight now, it's sooo easy to do in the mornings and you don't really have to try but it sort of looks like you've made an effort? That's my kind of hairstyle!! I hate using straighteners and products on my hair all the time because it ruins the ends so quickly, not to mention the time it takes. So this is my saviour hairstyle at the moment. What do you think?


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  1. Love that coat!