Back to school: Pinafore

I haven't posted in soo long!! But I've been really busy I promise! I had a few interviews last week that I had to prepare for so I spent most of my time wearing boring work clothes... not as fun to blog about! Finding a job is so haaard... I need to manage my time better.

These are some photos that were taken a little while ago but I'm not sure how I feel about the outfit now? I love my pinafore but I can think of so many more ways to wear it now, I teamed it with a baggy tee which is pretty casual but dressed it up with some glittery socks and creeper heels. I'm going to give it some thought and re-post it differently in the next few weeks. I love a pinafore because it's so versatile, whatever the occasion.

If like me, you can't stand the thought of wearing uncomfortable heels I really recommend these creeper wedges, because of the platform they don't bend your feet at all, I could wear them everyday and they don't hurt. These were from an eBay site, absolute bargain :-)

Oh! You can see my nails in the close ups here, my friend Laura did these for me they're gel and they lasted for absolutely ages, I think I had them on for just over 2 weeks and my nails were just like normal when I finally took it off... well worth it if you have a special occasion/holiday.

I will be posting a bit more this week so look out :-)

Amelia xox

//pinafore: primark// t-shirt: primark//shoes: ebay// socks: urban outfitters// necklace: (present)// lipstick:kate moss for rimmel//


  1. I really love this look! and your hair is so nice by the way!

    1. Ahh thank you, I used to have long hair so I am still trying to find ways to style it :/