New Year, New Clothes... and ice skating

//OOTD: warm and cosy//
//Me and the Birthday girl //
//Group selfie: these are my weird friends//

Yesterday the girls and I went ice skating at Brighton Pavilion for one of their birthday's (so much fun ) which meant that I got to wear some of my new clobber!  I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to new stuff, I like to keep everything in the bag/box it came in with all the tags on until the moment i wear it, this way I get excited about wearing it for the first time. Does anyone else do that or is it just me?

What I'm Wearing:
Leather Coat- Asos,  this coat was originally £85 but sometimes Asos do random little sales where you can get 20% off on certain days so obviously I bought it then. However, I had to hand it over to my nan to give it to me for Christmas so I've been itching to get my hands on it. I love it, it's really easy to match with whatever you're wearing because of the shape and colour so It's been my go-to coat since xmas day. I really like that it's a loose fit because you can fit layers underneath and not feel trapped.  The only niggle I have is that the arms are slightly short? But I've stopped noticing that now.
Jeans- Primark, Super high waist stretchy jeans in grey, £10!!!  And they suprisingly fit quite well.
Boots: Topshop (sale) as mentioned in previous blog post.
Tartan Scarf: Primark
Flannel shirt- Forever21  (America) I bought this shirt in Santa Monica in the summer and it is so soft and comfy, flannel shirts are a favourite! 
Polo neck jumper: Primark (sale)
Bobble hat- I have no idea... my sis bought it for me

(See you can fit loads of layers under this coat!!)

We had a really good day, ice skating was £13 for an hour which was plenty of time considering we had one injury... oops. Public apology: "Irenee, I'm sorry for running over your finger in my skates on your birthday, I love you :)"  it sounds worse than it is I promise, but she was the only person to fall over... 3 times!!!!

P.s my new year's resolution is to make my blog successful so please help me out if you stumble across my little page, feel free to post comments and ask questions etc...And if you're on Bloglovin' follow meeee :)
Amelia xox
(sorry about that, I cringe at this picture but what can you do when you're in a rush?)

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