OOTD: it's dry so I can wear my new boots :)

//Horse print flannel shirt: Urban Outfitters (last year)// Jeans:H&M// Coat: Asos// Velvet boots: Dr Martens// Beanie: Topshop//

I'm really excited about this post becaaaauuuse... I got to wear my new velvet Dr Martens OUTSIDE for the first time!!!! Jack bought me these for Christmas but I have been saving them because the weather has been so awful I don't want to ruin them! So on Sunday when the sun was shining I broke them out of the box, they are sooo  comfy and I feel an extra inch or so taller which is always good! Best present :) I like that they are velvet too because they are a bit different from the standard Dr Martens, I borrowed my mum's waterproof spray for suede shoes which is meant to protect them against the weather... but I'm not taking any  chances. I love them, that's it!
Also... if anyone finds any cool flannel shirts let me know, they are so warm for the winter, this is one of my favourites but I NEED more, where can I get a nice one from?


  1. inside thoe boots is the smell of rare and delicious fruits. damn i want to smell dem feet.

  2. did you feel like the spray damaged the boots >?