Holiday Post Number 2...Monochrome!

//All in Monochrome//

//My beautiful polaroid camera//

//Jack hates these sandals, can someone stick up for me please? They are soooo comfy!!//

//Amazing sunnies from Spitalfields market//
//Free camel ride//
//Polaroid snaps :)//

//trousers: asos (sale)//cami: primark//sandals: asos (sale)//sunglasses:spitalfields market//camera: fuji instax mini 90//

This is the outfit i chose to wear on the day we decided to go to the local market... we were told to dress "local" and this was my best attempt: legs covered, no jewellery and dark colours. This was to attract as little attention as possible and not scream "IM A TOURIST, PLEASE RIP ME OFF" I did actually hide my camera in case you were wondering. It was quite an experience, we learnt to haggle quickly and we picked up some really unusual items like perfume bottles, trinket boxes, mirrors etc...

After the market we took a taxi up the mountain in Agadir (I can't remember the exact name) because we heard the views from the top were amazing and it was nearing sunset. When we got there we were pretty glad we were wearing sensible clothes because a man let us ride his camel for free (how lovely)! It was sooo good but I didn't expect them to be so tall (quite scary when you're up a mountain already).

Really good day, again, back to the fashion... I just want to mention that i got these sunnies from Spitalfields market for £8!! I urge you to go if you live anywhere near London because you can pick up the coolest things, the same stall also did awesome frames for prescription glasses so I will be going back for some of them!

I shall leave you with a few polaroid snaps from this day :) 


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