Last use of the summer wardrobe

//shorts: Levi (vintage)//cami: Primark//kimono: Forever21//sandals: Asos//sunglasses:Ebay//

Albeit very unseasonal, this is what I wore on our last day of our short trip to Morocco... you might just recognise this outfit... the last picture here was taken in California back in September, absolutely loving the high waisted denim shorts and kimono combo!
I think kimonos are great beach cover ups because sometimes I feel like a crop top and shorts is a bit too skimpy unless you're actually on the beach or round by the pool... Especially in a muslim country like Morocco where local women don't even have their legs on show!
This one I bought from Forever 21 in America in the summer and I think it converts into about £20 (my mental maths is awful though) ive definitely had good use out of it as it's so handy to throw on, especially on holiday!
I have included a picture of our beautiful beach in Agadir because this is the last time I'm going to see one for a while (booo). I would really recommend Morocco for a bit of winter sun if anyone is thinking about booking a holiday, Agadir was lovely and it's a bit more unusual and less touristy than Europe hotspots.
My next post will most definitely be in conjunction with English weather.... :/

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