Take Me to the Moon

I have been away for ages i know!! But I am now settled into my new job, i have been paid and therefore have new clothes :)
I could have posted in between but I dont just want to blog about my old clothes for the sake of it because that isnt really relevant to whats in the shops now... What's the point in that? (Unless we're talking vintage)

So on friday 30th May, I had my first shopping trip in aaaages, I usually just buy the odd item here and there but this was a whole outing with the intent to buy clothes. After work I took a stroll down to Oxford St I found myself in only a few shops (Topshop, H&M, Bershka and Primark) but i found more than enough, the size of these places means it takes so long to look around, because obvioulsy you wouldnt want to miss anything!!

I love this outfit, I feel very hippie... the long kimono would be perfect for festivals too as you could layer it on top of almost anything!! This vest was my favourite purchase of the day, here you see it as a top, but if you look at the knots at the back you can actually adjust them to make it into a dress!! It would make a lovely beach dress or you could put a bandeau underneath and wear it to a festival. Im excited to try it!!!


//vest: bershka//kimono:H&M//leggings:New Look//sunglasses: Topshop//boots:Dr Marten//

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