Make up bag revival: Bare Minerals Original Foundation review

Recently I've had a bit of a switch up in the make up department. I used to be able to wear cheap foundations and my skin would be fine, however it seems I've developed annoying sensitive very dry skin and my Estee Lauder foundation was just making it worse.

I tried the Original Bare Minerals spf 15 foundation as I read about it in an article by Company magazine; it's meant to be good for sensitive skin and reduce breakouts as the ingredients are completely natural and actually good for your skin (minerals). It's also a loose powder so the makeup sits on the surface of your face without sinking into your pores like most liquid foundations.

Well... although I don't think it has helped the appearance of my skin in general (my skin is no clearer, maybe I need to try the one specifically for blemishes I don't know, if anyone has tried this please let me know ) here are my thoughts on it:

1. It's so light you don't even feel like you are wearing make up (this is a big one for me as I hate the feel of heavy foundation on my face).
2. It is non drying, I used to use Clinique and Estee Lauder but they dried my face out loads!
3. You can use the different brushes to build up coverage. I'm a bit insecure about my skin at the moment so I stuck to the full flawless face bush and the concealer brush which I use on places like my chin, forehead and under the eyes.
4. If you are going to try this foundation I definitely recommend buying the starter kit (everything pictured) as you get the foundation, bronzer, setting powder, primer and three brushes for £50! If you were to buy this separately you'd only be able to get the foundation and a brush for your money! I do think you need to use all the products together as well.
5. I would recommend this to people that want light to medium coverage as it evens out skin tone really well and the bronzer gives you a nice glow. It's soo natural looking! But unfortunately not a miracle skin clearer....

I am going to continue using it for now, as I like how light it is for the summer and the naturalness of it... If anyone else has tried this please tell me your thoughts, I'd be really interested to hear.

My next post will be on my favourite ever beauty item... really excited about this!

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