Holiday style: L.A baby!

//Tassle shorts: American Vintage//Elephant halter neck: Brandy Melville//Caged sandals: eBay// Choker: thrifted//
//OOTD for dinner at Father's Office... We both had the legendary office burger and sweet potato fries. Just talking about it now is making me hungry//
//Paddle boarding at Marina Del Ray was so much fun we went all the at round the harbour for 2 hours it's harder than it looks to actually steer it//
//Tandem for two: we took a cycle down to Venice beach along the boardwalk, renting bikes is a must, it's the best way to get around on the seafront//
// Stocked up on anklets whilst at Venice beach//
//OOTD for a day trip around L.A// Skirt: Primark//Cami: Primark// Sandals as before//Sunglasses: eBay// 
//Matching henna tattoos on Santa Monica beach//
//Skateboarding around the seafront... iconic Santa Monica pier in the background// 
//Santa Monica Seafront- Cute multi-coloured beach houses//
//Jack's favourite thing about the beach... The adults playground :) we had a go every time we went past// 
//Skating Selfie ;)//
//Out for drinks at Barney's Beanery//
//Close up of my new Brandy Melville halterneck//
//I just loved this car so I thought I'd end on this. I'd love to own a classic car one day//

Last Stop: Santa Monica :( 
It feels like so long ago now but the last 5 nights of our American adventure was spent in Santa Monica. This is one of my favourite places on earth... not because it's breathtakingly beautiful or hugely cultural but because it's one of the few places I could imagine myself living. It's the perfect mixture of city, beach, shops, restaurants and bars with the laid back southern Californian lifestyle. Oh and the climate! City girl/beach bum in one!

 We used AirBnB for accommodation and stayed near trendy 3rd st promenade which has an array of shops, bars, restaurants etc and it's only 3 blocks (duh) from the beach... The huuuuge sandy beach that runs from Venice beach on one side and to Malibu on the other. As you can imagine there is lots to do here, especially as it's only a stones throw away from L.A.
I have captioned under each picture as a diary of what we did instead of writing huge paragraphs about it here... because I could. In a nutshell: We skateboarded pretty much everyday, we hired a tandem and cycled to Venice beach, we went paddle boarding, we took an open-top bus into Beverly Hills and Hollywood, we strolled down the walk of fame, we had one of the famous "Father's office" burgers, we sunbathed on the beach and we shopped a lot. 

Outfits: my first outfit here was bought the day before, I got the tassle shorts from a vintage shop when we were on our open top bus around Hollywood. We got off down Melrose avenue for a wander and picked up some vintage bargains :) 
I am now also a convert of Brandy Melville which I discovered down 3rd St... I've never been in one before but I would probably have worn everything in there! 

Ciao for now... back to English posts from now on... wah! 

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