Holiday Style Part 2: San Diego

//Kono's Cafe at Pacific Beach - The biggest, cheapest breakfast you could ever want//

//Skateboarding at Mission beach// Bikini: Primark// Shorts: Levi// Shoes: Converse// Skateboards: Penny//

//Refillable elephant cup - so much root beer//
//Animal selfies//
//Day out at San Diego Zoo- best zoo ever (not that I've been to loads but this one has Pandas!!)//Slip dress: Zara// Sunglasses: eBay// Sliders: eBay// Rucksack: Topshop// 

//OOTD for Seaworld (absolutely drenched after going on a water ride first thing): Dress: Topshop// Sliders eBay// Sunglasses eBay//Bag: Primark//


//Beautiful San Diego Beaches: Pacific beach, Mission beach and La Jolla//

//OOTD for dinner in the Gaslamp quarter//Dress: Primark//Black denim jacket: Levi//Boots: Topshop//

Although the second part of our trip was actually Palm Springs, we stayed with my auntie there and spent the whole time playing with my little cousin in the pool which was SO nice. But I thought for the purpose of the blog I'd skip to phase 3 as there's more to show and tell: SAN DIEGO.

The last time I was in San Diego I was probably about 9 and we only went there for a day at Seaworld so it's fair to say that this was a new place to explore for both of us. I loved the laid back way of life there and we hardly spent a thing. The first thing we did there was unpack our Penny boards and go straight to the beach! The boardwalk was packed full of people on all shapes and sizes of skateboards and roller skates... The perfect place to practice!! This then set the mark for the rest of the holiday and I don't think a day went by after this that we didn't manage to get a skate in. 

What I loved about San Diego is that it is big enough that there are lots of different beaches and districts worth going to, but small enough that it only took about 10/15 mins to reach each of them by car. We spent a lot of time at mission beach, I would say it was the slightly more hippie of all the beaches with an amusement park right on the front it sort of reminded me of a much hotter, sandier, Californian version of Brighton! Pacific beach also had a similar feel but we only went there once or twice... Once for a Kono's breakfast (we were not disappointed).

Attractions: San Diego zoo was amazing, it took us all day to walk round ensuring that we hadn't missed anything, there was just so much to see. Panda Canyon was by far the most impressive. San Diego have 2 pandas (mumma bear and baby bear) on loan from China for research purposes in an attempt to inhibit extinction... very cute!
Seaworld was... meh! I love dolphins and whales and anything to do with the sea really but of course there's no sea (not that I didn't expect this), they are kept in swimming pools and I'm pretty sure they are going to be out of business in a flash as there was nothing there (attractions or visitors)... We spent most of our time on the roller coaster going round and round. 
The Gaslamp quarter is San Diego's main lively district, there is plenty to do from entertainment, bars, restaurants and shopping... again, we did a lot of that. I'm quite lucky that Jack also loves a shop. What I did notice about this area and all other areas in San Diego was that if you like sushi, you are spoilt for choice! There was so much selection and cheap too.

Outfits: San Diego was unsurprisingly nice and hot in the middle of august so I spent most of my time in loose dresses and pool sliders (converse in my bag in case we went skating of course) and a bikini under my clothes if we decided to stop off at the beach. The evening did get a bit nippy so it was handy that I got an absolute bargain on this Levi's denim jacket I picked up in an outlet store in Vegas a few days before. The Tosphop boots gave me hell though and I had to buy plasters halfway through the night so that I was able to keep walking. My next job is to stamp on them and bash them around a bit to make them softer because I want to be able to wear them again!

Next Stop Santa Monica, L.A

//Matching skateboard and nails//


  1. SO jealous of your trip it looks amazing, so sunny! And I love all your outfits as well :) xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

    1. Thanks Lucy!! Yeah slightly different outfits to what I'm wearing now :/ xox

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