Lazy Autumn Sunday

//Black Jamie Jeans: Topshop// Polo Neck Jumper: Bershka// Duster Trench Coat: Asos// Burgundy loafers: Bershka// Chunky belt: New Look//

So my first autumnal blog post. No more holiday blog posts, this is actually what I'm wearing at the moment... I've been living in this trench coat recently, thank God for morning asos emails, how else would i know when they have 70% off sales? This was reduced to just £35!! And it's been perfect really because the weather has been so warm recently that I've only needed a light jacket. I think it really brings an otherwise simple outfit to life. And it's great for evenings too because it's quite smart and looks great with heels.

On another note, has anyone checked out the new Bershka collection? I haven't bought anything from there in years but their shoe collection has cost me the majority of my salary recently... I couldn't resist this polo neck either , my favourite winter staple and this one is just a bit different. I recommend having a look!! It's time for me to stop buying now though, I need to save up for Boston next month (can't wait) and Christmas...obviously.
Until next time

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