Happy New Year: OOTN (And my new years resolutions)

//Dress: Forever21// Velvet Chelsea boot heels: H&M// Fur clutch bag: Greek market//

Firstly, Happy new year! As you might have guessed this post is about what I wore for New Years eve and an insight into my goals for 2015...

I chose this little sparkly number partly because of a last minute change of plan and partly because I've had it for a while but never worn it before. (We had originally planned to go to a dinner and dance at a London hotel where I was planning to wear a long black dress with tassels to the floor. However, this was cancelled so we settled on cocktails in Harvey nicks and a lovely meal in a restaurant round the corner, when I say "we" I mean my mum and dad and Jack and I... it was lovely!) It was freezing so I teamed it with some black opaque tights and my comfiest velvet burgundy Chelsea boot heels! Sparkly dresses were made for NYE anyways.

As for my new years resolutions, there's nothing I want to change as such I just want to do MORE! I haven't set myself anything unachievable because what's the point in that? My resolutions are specifically for this year:

1. Firstly I want to take more pictures, my friends and I are always gutted about how few pictures we take, we tend to get carried away having fun and completely forget to get our phones/cameras out. I also fall into the category of not wanting to look like a tourist and so I never think to take pictures but working in London you do see some pretty cool things. I'd like to have 1000's of pictures for 2015 because taking a picture takes no time at all really and I love looking back at them.

2. I have some fitness related goals, I ran a half marathon this year and I would like to beat my time so I am going to do it again this year as well as some smaller races leading up to this.

3. I also have a savings goal, I have a set amount I would like to hit by the end of the year which will one day fund me moving out and buying a place of my own.

4. I would like to visit a new country/place. I love America and I've been 4 times in the last 2 years (not all to the same place) but I'd like to explore somewhere new and completely different.

Obviously to keep blogging and getting better at it but that goes with out saying ;)

Happy 2015

//my favourite purchase (I think) from my trip to Boston in November//

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