How to Avoid the Winter "Saggy Crotch"

I know you're probably thinking "wtf?" after reading that title but I know most girls (ones that wear dresses/skirts anyway) will know this problem: when you wear tights and they start falling down a bit- the saggy crotch, and then you have to either walk with reaaallly wide steps to try and push them up again or just go for it and hoist them right back up.

Well, I thought every girl on the planet knew this trick until the other day when I discovered that a few of my friends had not heard of doing this and then it occurred to me that there might be others, so this may be common knowledge for some but just in case there are more of you out there that haven't tried this I'm going to fill you in.

It's simple... Wear an extra pair of knickers OVER your tights! Ok maybe not any old pair of knickers, I like to use black seamless shorties as they don't show up under your dress but they are tight enough to hold up your tights and really comfortable.

I have these from F&F at Tesco, if you don't already have some I would invest at £5 for a pack of 2:

//Picture from Tesco Direct: not the sexiest picture in the world but hey they do the job//

Try it if you haven't already, it's much more comfortable.


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