Photo Diary: Miami Highlights

Unfortunately I am not writing this from the scorching heat of Miami but from the train on my commute to work this morning. I thought I would share a little slice of our recent trip to FL in highlights (it is the cut down version I promise, there was just so much). We had an amazing 10 days and unsurprisingly we didn't want to leave. It was just another of those places where the lifestyle just clicks and you can really imagine yourself living there. Why must your immigration system be so cruel America? Anyway it's definitely a place I recommend visiting if you ever get the chance, there's so much to do there and of course it's in Florida so you're never more than a few hours away from the other cities Florida has to offer. Enjoy

//So this is pretty much what South Beach looks like, hot, beachy and full of cool bars and restaurants. There is one of these beach huts at every block on the beach and they are all different, we walked the length of the island to south point to get a picture of every single one!//
//Bikini: eBay//Shorts: American Vintage//Sunglasses: Zara//

//This day was slightly overcast so we hired citibikes and explored the island a little further, we found more shops and had a picnic on the beach. We also did a speed boat tour of all the islands that make up Miami, including Star island-one of the richest places to live, ever! There are no bridges to these islands so in order to get "home" you need a boat... standard//
//Skort: Primark//Crop top: Primark// Sunglasses: Zara// Trainers: Nike Roshe Runs//

//The view of Lincoln road from a 9th floor car park after dark... so pretty!//
//Dress: Primark// Boots: Urban Outfitters//

//This was on Key Biscayne, another of the islands in Miami, this one is extremely tiny but the water is calm and hence good for paddle boarding, or head stands :) this place is so pretty and really unspoiled and of course you have Miami skyline in the background!//

//Also on Key Biscayne, we hired a Mustang for the last 4 days of our trip so that we could explore Florida a bit more, this thing was so much fun to drive, I want one!!//
//Top: Primark// Silver shorts: Adidas//

//Random skyline driving from Miami Beach to Downtown Miami//

//This was Slide the City, in a way this was our whole reason for our trip to Miami, we saw this online and thought HELLO that looks fun... So we booked tickets for 2nd May in Ft Lauderdale. It's basically 1000 ft of slip n slide, you have to go down on an inflatable and we got VIP tickets so we could have an unlimited number of goes. Definitely one of my favourite days//

//We also went to our first ever baseball game at the Miami Marlins stadium and they won!//

//After all this excitement we drove up the coast towards Tampa to a place called Anna Maria Island, Jack's parents were staying there so we crashed with them for 2 nights for a relaxing day on the beach and some nice food. This place is just so pretty and quiet, we spent the day playing in the sea and sunbathing and in the evening we went to Sand Bar... that's where we ate, on the beach with our toes in the sand, not bad for our last night in Florida.//

//Dress:Bershka//Bikini: Victoria Secrets// Sunglasses: eBay//

//At some point we also walked passed Miami Ink but unfortunately it was shut//

//Our last view of the Miami sign, until next time America...//


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