My New Summer Wardrobe... just waiting on the sun

I thought I would do another peak into what I bought in Miami but this time with normal clothes, I'm sure you'll see these on my blog as it gets warmer but here's a selection of new stuff :) Most of it still has the tags on 3 weeks later because it's just not warm enough yet! Fingers crossed for the good weather this weekend...

//A selection of my suitcase post Miami//

// Gorgeous print culottes: Abercrombie & Fitch//

//Halter Top: Forever 21 and so cheap!//

//Maxi dress with split sides and back: Forever21, again another bargain. I can't wait to take this one on holiday to throw over a bikini as it's so light//

//Slogan sweatshirt: Abercrombie & Fitch. This is super soft, Jack actually bought me this because I saw it in the shop but couldn't justify buying it so he sneakily took it to the till and bought it!!//

//Sliders: Victoria's Secret Pink. I got these for free one day because I spent so much in there :/ I find it Reay hard to say why I like this shop because ultimately it's just knickers and lounge wear but I HAVE to go in every time//

//The comfiest sliders in the world: Nike. If you don't already have a pair of sliders for your holiday you should DEFINITELY get a pair like this, they have like a memory foam sole so they are like walking on clouds//

//Leather jacket: Urban Outfitters. This was the deal of the century... I took it up to the till because it had no tags on and they told me it was $620... at that point I started walking away, 2 seconds later the shop assistant was shouting me back as it was on offer for $59!!! Not sure how that works but I'm so happy with my new jacket (wearing it now in fact)//

//Ringer tee: Hollister. Needs an iron!//

//Elephant tee: Hollister. They had a big sale on so I thought I should take advantage and get some basics//

//Triangle bra: Forever21//

//Leather wicker bag: Another Urban Outfitters sale find//

//Bikini: Victoria's Secret. This took me so long to choose, I had this and about 5 others to try on, I'm not exaggerating when I say we were in there about 2 hours trying things on and looking for sizes. They have so many to choose from and in all different shapes and styles. I'm lucky because Jack is a good shopper, he was in there getting me sizes and helping me choose but even he was flagging by the end//

//Halter dress: Forever21... again! I will be taking this to marbs with me later on in the summer :) //

That's all for now :) 

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