Top Reasons You Should Visit Kalkan

But first, a bit of a holiday wardrobe...

//Me and mum: Playsuit: Zara// Jesus sandals: Zara//

//Sisters: Playsuit: Zara// Jesus sandals: Zara//

//Backless dress: Zara// Jesus sandals: Zara//

//Cullotte jumpsuit: Zara// Jesus sandals: Zara//

//My only non Zara outfit... nearly: Elephant halterneck top: Brandy Melville// Dungarees: Vintage// Jesus sandals: Zara// Necklaces: Druzy Dreams//

After looking through these photos I should have perhaps called this post my Zara holiday wardrobe! Just before I went on holiday the Zara sales were amazing! I don't think anything featured here cost me more than £20 apart from the shoes... not bad huh! Oh and the dungarees in the last photo cost me just £2 from a car boot sale!! It's finds like these that are why I love hunting around boot sales and charity shops!

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I got back from a lovely relaxing 9 days in Kalkan, Turkey. It was absolutely beautiful and I'd recommend this place over a lot of other european beach breaks, here's why:

1. Price. Apart from paying extortionate peak time flights it was pretty cheap when you're actually there and I'm sure there are loads of deals on villas and flights outside of peak time. The food (more of that in a minute), drinks, activities, excursions and taxis were all so reasonably priced, I even had spending money left over! 

2. Food. The food was amaaaazing. I mean, I like Turkish food anyway but it's not just Turkish food they do well over here, there's so much to choose from, I think this is a big part of what made my holiday. I had been to Marbella a few weeks before and was solely disappointed with the food when we ate out, it was clearly made in huge batches, warmed up and shovelled out to the tourists, even the tapas wasn't authentic. Everything in Kalkan however tasted fresh, we had some lovely kebabs, curries and colourful salads!

3. The people. The locals were so friendly, nothing was too much for them and everyone was so happy. Our taxi driver even let us pay the following day. We felt safe the whole time and knew that if we needed any help there would be someone willing to talk to us.

4. Activities. There's a lot to do in Kalkan, some of the trips we did were river rafting at the Saklikent gorge along with a walk along the gorge which was really cool, jet skiing, boat trips to the other islands around Kalkan and the mud baths, we also hired a private boat for the 7 of us which was fun. We went to the local market, had a turkish bath and went to lots of beach clubs.

5. Beach clubs. The actual beach is not great, kalkan is set in the cliffs and is a little bay so the beach is very small and pebbly. Not a problem- there are tons of lovely beach clubs dotted around the bay which have made platforms out to the sea so that getting in the water is easy, if not easier than at a beach. Many of them have pontoons to lay/play on in the sea, watersports, restaurants, sun beds and a few had trampolines in the sea too! Again, it's really reasonable, for using the sun beds and other beach club facilities they just ask that you buy your food and drinks at the club- for a full day including drinks, ice creams and lunch it cost us around £15 each!!! My favourite was Yali beach club which was a bit more expensive as it's meant for adults however Palm beach club was also a great shout. Most of them offer free boat shuttles to and from the harbour too!!

So I hope I've convinced you to consider Kalkan for your next beach break. Below are some pictures of the beautiful views if you still need swaying...

//Yali Beach Club//

//The cat we adopted at the villa, we called him Parsley//

//Trampolines at Palm Beach Club//

//Family boat trip: Bikini: Victoria's Secret//

//View from the pool at our villa//

//Some polaroids of the best bits- Me and Jack doing our Titanic bit// 

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