Half Marathon Hairstyle!

//Me and my sister after crossing the finish line// Trainers: Nike Zoom Pegasus 31// Compression socks: Karrimor//Shorts: Nike//Top: Target (US)// Sports bra: Calvin Klein//Waist pouch: Pull and Bear//

//Me and my sister 13 miles in, just before crossing the finish line//

//Close up of what I wore (details above)// This waist pouch is so good for storing energy gels, keys and your phone for music//

A week and a half ago I embarked on my second half marathon (13.1 miles). This year went a lot better than last year... not only did I meet my target time of 1 hour 55 mins but my body hurt a lot less and my hair stayed put... hoorah!

If, like me you have thick/long hair you probably understand my frustration when putting it up; it's heavy, uncomfortable and it doesn't stay there! When paired with running or any exercise for that matter frustration levels hit the roof! I hate having to stop what I'm doing to tie my hair back again because it's drooped down and now all my escaped hair is stuck to my sweaty face... yuck! I've tried special hair ties for thick hair, high ponytails, low ponytails, a single plait... you name it! And of course none of them work. It starts off well and then 10 minutes into exercise the aggravation begins.

You get the idea... last year I opted for comfort and went with a single plait which was sure not to pull my head back but instead left me with a nice dreadlock and a lot of flyaway hair. This year however, I did my research, tested it beforehand and got up early to make sure it was right on the morning of race day. 

TWO FRENCH PLAITS!! Changed my life... haha well maybe a bit extreme but they stayed put the whole time, and are so comfortable to run with. Even my sis agrees and she's got the most hair out of anyone I know! I sprayed them with hairspray and flattened them down but even by the end of the half marathon they still looked neat (all above pics are take AFTER the event)! I know they take a little more time to do but it's so worth it. If you don't have short layers and can't french plait I'm sure regular plaits would work too?


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