OOTD for a Skate in Brighton

//Leotard: New Look// Denim Cullotes: Topshop: Leather Hightops: Converse// Sunglasses: Topshop// Belt: New Look// Skateboard: Penny//

These pics were taken last weekend when we decided to make the most of the nice weather and take our Penny boards out for a ride in Brighton. We like Brighton for skating because the Velodrome at Preston Park is so much quieter than London so there's no chance of running people over like there is in Hyde Park. It's also more fun!

More or less every time we go to Brighton we throw our skateboards in the boot of the car just incase we get time to visit the velodrome on the way back so I always have to make sure I'm wearing something suitable... I.e. Vans or Converse and some kind of trousers. Obviously cullottes... my favourite ever item of clothing! These ones were a bargain I picked up in the Topshop sale recently... just adding to my collection!

If you are thinking about getting a skateboard or fancy learning a new hobby Penny's are so much fun!! Jack bought me this one about 2 years ago now and I had never skateboarded in my life, it scared the life out of me at first but now we take them everywhere we can... even on holiday. They've been to Palm Springs, San Diego, L.A and Miami. They get so much attention and they make a fun day out!


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