The best of the January sales!

//Pony hair skirt: Asos//

//Jumpsuit: Zara//

//Bikini: Topshop//

//Cut out swimsuit: Topshop//

//Soft bra: Pink at Victoria's Secret//

//Open back swimsuit: Topshop//

//Long sleeved running top: Pink at Victoria's Secret//

If you've just scrolled down and glanced at my pictures you may have noticed that I went a bit overboard with swimwear in January? Well yeah I did, they are actually my favourite sale purchases so far (the sales are continuing so I don't want to rule anything out). I think this is the best time of year to buy swimwear because it's such a bargain- my bikini was under £6 and the swimsuits were both under £20!! It makes me resent paying £50 for the same stuff in the summer. Of course, the only downside is that now I want to wear it and I don't currently have any warm holidays booked but hey, I'll be ready when I do!

Some of the other bits I've included here are from PINK by Victoria's Secret and this is because I love their underwear and lounge/gym wear!  They very very rarely have sales so when they do I try and make the most of it because it's more expensive here than in the US! I love their underwear because it's sooo comfortable AND it looks cool. They do lots of nice sports type bras too (like the one pictured above) that I could live in forever (I hate wired bras). If you haven't already tried PINK I highly recommend you do as it is fast becoming one of my fave loungewear brands.

This is just a selection of my January sale purchases but I think they were my main pieces (along with the coat from my last post)... I hope everyone got some bargains too!


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