PUMA ESKIVA HI... Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

//Suede Coat: Pull&Bear//Dress: Thailand//Boxing boots: PUMA Eskivas //Sunnies: eBay//

Thank you Rihanna for the new Puma Eskiva Hi! I love these retro boxing boots! When I saw them for the first time my first question was "do I get these in white or black?". I went for white obviously... I think they will look great in the summer with tanned legs!

If you think they look a bit  "different" from your regular trainers well you'd be right, they are based on the Gong, a 60's boxing design. They are so comfy, even if you don't buy a pair you should definitely try and at least TOUCH a pair, they are the softest, lightest shoes!

In other news, I have recently been able to reap one of the few benefits of being short. You see this dress? Well, my lovely friend Lucy went travelling around SE Asia and bought this along her way, unfortunately for her it was too short! Luckily for me, it fits perfectly :) 


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