When in San Francisco...

This time last week I was exploring the quirky Californian city of San Francisco in 27 degree heat and this week I am commuting to work in the snow?? I at least thought I'd be able to ditch my winter coats when I got back!

We had the best week (well 6 days) exploring, eating, shopping, road tripping, walking, cycling etc.... so I thought I'd share my highlights in case anyone else is planning a trip to San Fran or in case you're looking for ideas for where to go on your next trip. I'm lucky enough to have been to quite a few US cities, especially around California but this one has to be up there in my top 3 with L.A and Miami!

Walking around the city:
You could spend days walking around this beautiful city, it's so quirky with its old colourful Victorian buildings, steep hills and cable cars, it sort of reminds me of Brighton. My favourite districts were Union square (for shopping and restaurants), Fisherman's wharf (for the pier and amazing clam chowder), China town (clue is in the name) and Haight-Ashbury (for vintage shops and hippies).

Haight Ashbury/ Golden Gate park:
I've put these two together as we spent the whole day exploring these two areas and they are right next to each other.  Haight Ashbury is known for its hippies, vintage shops and music. It's quite a long stretch of road with quirky little stores on both sides of the road. You might not automatically come here when in San Fran as it's a bit of a hidden gem. You're unlikely to stumble across it as it's slightly out of the way but a friend recommended that I went and it was well worth it! At the end of Haight-Ashbury is Golden Gate park which is essentially a huge park filled with hippies. We enjoyed the roller skating ring and the Japanese tea garden.

This was one of my favourite trips, I'd never been to San Fran before so obviously we had to do the touristy things. The tour itself was really good, you hear so many stories about the prison and as it's an audio tour you can pause whenever you like and do it in your own time. You could stay there all day if you felt like it!

Cycling over Golden Gate Bridge:
I was in two minds whether to put this on here or not. Undoubtedly cycling over Golden Gate Bridge was amazing and the views are fantastic. However, we cycled for 7 hours (mainly up hills) from our hotel all round the city, into Fisherman's Wharf, along the seafront, up and over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito... and then back. So it wasn't the comfiest of days (my poor bottom) but it was a lot of fun when it was occasionally flat and we saw some really cool places.

Roaaaaaad trip:
When in California... why not see a bit more? We hired a car for 2 days and drove to Monterey Bay and Pfeiffer beach one day and Yosemite National park the next. Both were so much fun, we love a road trip and Yosemite was absolutely beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my long post... maybe my longest ever? 

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