TBT: 80's dungarees in Yosemite

//Dungarees: Vintage (Pointer)// T shirt: Primark// Trainers: Nike Air max Theas// Jumper: Urban Outfitters// Sunglasses: Zara//

As you can see, today's pictures were taken in a very different location to my usual back garden... welcome to Yosemite national park!! Backdrops don't get much better than this, Yosemite was absolutely stunning from the waterfalls, rivers and vast open spaces at the bottom to the breathtaking views and SNOW at the top, we had the best day here even if we didn't pack enough food!

These dungarees are ones I picked up at a vintage market in Brick Lane (East London), if you know the area it was the underground one with the entrance near the bridge? Not sure if there is a name for it but the sign said something like "vintage market this way" so obviously I was already there. You walk down the stairs into an underground basement and straight in front of you are vintage pop up stalls, I was thinking "this is cool so far". I didn't really know which way to start but I needn't have worried, we turned left and it just kept going on and on and on until eventually we were back round where we started having missed absolutely nothing. 

It was probably one of the best vintage markets I've been to in terms of variety, there were lots of well known vintage brands there as well as some not so well known ones but the quality of the clothes was really high and I will definitely be going back for more (vintage culottes are my fave).

Bottom line, I love these dungarees, they are so easy to wear with trainers and a tee or with chunky boots to work. I also love Yosemite/California in general.

Let me know if you know any good vintage spots in the area? I'm currently on the lookout for an 80s pair of baggy cotton dungarees for the summer- maybe covered in a weird and wonderful pattern?


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