Encore for the Culottes!

//Wrap around culottes: Zara (sale)// Stripey rop: H&M//Leather trainers: Converse// Sunglasses: Asos// Rucksack: Italian market// Skateboard: Penny//

I know it's been 32 degrees for the last few days and I know I'm wearing a jumper in this post but apart from that brief encounter our summer has been pretty awful... these pics were taken less than 2 weeks ago in Brighton and although it was nice and sunny, it was a bit chilly.

At the risk of sounding boring and predictable, I've bought some more Culottes  (shock). These are slightly different as they wrap over and tie at the front. Zara had loads of these left in the sale of you're wondering, lots of other styles too... the perfect skating outfit!

On another note, I'm loving my teenie tiny rucksack at the moment. It's just big enough for my purse, a tangle teezer and a sunglass case so it means I'm not lugging around half of my bedroom with me everywhere I go. It also means Jack can't fill it with all his rubbish too! This one my parents brought back from Rome for me but I've seen lots of similar tiny leather ones in vintage shops around Brighton and London.

Maybe I'll take my jumper off next time


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