Decorator dungarees :)

//Dungarees: Zara// Striped tee: Zara// Sandals: Zara// Watch: Fitbit Surge// Sunglasses: Rayban//

Heyyyy it's been a while, despite having no holidays this summer (boooo) it's been a busy few months since moving into our new flat (yay). We still have lots to do, but we're in, it's liveable and the location is spot on. I love it! However, if anyone can find a grey chaise sofa on thin legs that's no wider than 193cm then please give me a shout? Specific criteria I know but just in case...

So in line with the house moving theme, I thought I'd share my new dungarees that make me look like a painter/decorator! Another Zara sale purchase... I said this exact line in my previous post but, "how good is the Zara summer sale"? I also bought this basic red and white stripe tee online from Zara specifically to go with them and it's so comfy if you're looking for some basics? It's the really soft kind of bouncy material.

p.s apologies for the blurry pics, the damn sun was just getting in the way!! You get the idea...


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