Best of the January sales!

I'm aware that January is almost over, but this is my first post of the year so Happy New Year!! Last year I started with a round up of the January sales and it was one of my most popular blog posts so I thought I'd start the same way this year... especially as the sales seem to be continuing, most of what is pictured below I bought quite recently so there's a good chance it might still be in stock!

Stripey flared trousers: Bershka

These were a real bargain at just £8.99 and I've worn them two ways, with heels and this sheer top on a night out and also with a polo neck jumper and trainers to work! 

Leather chain loafers: Zara

These are real leather and I only bought them this week so they are probably still online. I put these on Instagram this week and I got so much hate from my friends saying they look like grandma shoes but I actually LOVE them and they are so soft!

Silky backless dress: Zara

A lot of my sale shopping had been at Zara recently, both in store and online and they seem to be adding more and more! I bought this little number on boxing day and wore it on NYE :) 

Colourful rucksack: Topshop

I'm always on the look out for new rucksacks, I have so many for different occasions but I thought this would be a good size for day trips etc it's quite small but has loads of space inside and lots of secret pockets.

Doodle shirt: Zara

...another Zara number... I just thought this was sweet, it's a bit shorter that a normal length shirt so it's great with high waist jeans. 

Denim pencil skirt: Zara

OK so I need some help with this one, how would you wear it? So far I've worn it with a sweatshirt and trainers (and tights obviously) but I can't think of anything else so I'm not wearing it as much as I could. It fits really well which is why I've kept it but I just need some inspiration?

Green corduroy pinafore: New Look 

This dress is actually a lovely emerald green colour but you can't really see it in this pic unfortunately! 

Wide sleeve sweatshirt: Zara

Saved the best 'till last? I think so... of all the things in this blog, THIS is the thing that I've got the most wear out of. Although it's hard to eat wearing big sleeves with ties, it's a small price to pay! 

So there's a handful of the things I've been buying recently that I didn't make it into their own post. If you can help with my denim skirt issue I'd love to hear/ see pictures! 


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