Probably the most statement boots I will ever own!

//Boots: Topshop// Jeans: Topshop (leigh)// Shirt: Turkey (Kalkan)// Shearling bomber jacket: TK Maxx// Rucksack: Primark//

Say hello to my newest shoe babies!! These were a valentine's present from Jack, who said Valentine's day was for flowers and chocolate?

They popped up on my Facebook news feed as "something you might be interested in". How did you know? And clearly I've been banging on about them ever since...

At first I thought they might be a bit hard to wear but actually, I've worn them 2 out of 4 days so it can't be that hard. Once with black baggy jeans and really casual striped jumper and this time a little more dressed up with a shirt and bomber jacket. If you were wondering, yes they are actually fairly comfortable! Obviously not Nike Roshe runs comfy but enough to be able to wear them for a full day! 

I'm fairly sure my next post will have to be a gym haul as that's all I seem to be buying recently!


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