I'm a 90s baby!

//Tee: Calvin Klein at House of Fraser// Combat trousers: Zara//Shoes: Topshop// Leather Jacket: Urban Outfitters/// Velvet bag: Vintage//

I wasn't originally going to post this look but I thought it was funny because I had almost this exact same outfit when I was about 7. Do you remember the khaki parachute trousers from Tammy @Etam? Well I had a pair of them, and a fake CK top that I got on holiday from Spain or somewhere... And of course this bag, which could well be a 90s original.

So, the bag - you may have noticed that I normally don't wear anything other than rucksacks, but I'm trying to change that (a bit, rucksacks will always be my bag of choice) because there are some outfits you just can't wear a rucksack with, and in those situations I default to just taking my purse out which is not ideal. On this note, I have found some amazing vintage bags in charity shops recently, I think I'll share them in my next post, along with a few other bits I've thrifted recently.

Have a lovely weekend, Ciao

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