Black and gold, black and gold...

//Bag: Vintage// Loafers: Vintage// Jacket: Vintage// Shirt: Levi's// Trousers: New Look//

Although in my last post I said I would do a "charity shop find" post next, I put on this outfit at the weekend and it happened to be mainly vintage so I guess that's the theme I'm going for in this post. The shoes and bag were actually from a charity shop too so it's still kind of charity shop related?

I feel like denim jackets really signify Spring/Summer. They are the best staple jacket because they go with almost anything and although I love a classic oversize Levi, you can also get some really different ones too. I bought this gold embroidered one last week from a lovely seller on Instagram @ladymuckvintage (follow follow follow)! I must admit I probably have enough denim jackets now to start calling it a "collection".

SO, the shoes and bag... they were both from charity shops, and guess what ? They are real leather! The shoes hadn't even been worn before and they are the comfiest things ever. If you are a bit "funny" about buying secondhand, guess what, people throw away new things too!! I urge you to give it a go. I know not everyone is like me and loves to rummage around for hours but it's still worth a look when you end up with bargains like this!

My next post will actually be a "charity shop challenge" as it's not just clothes and accessories that I've been buying, they are also great for books and other odd bits.

Happy easter!!

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