Hey, hello, you ok?

Hey, it's been a while...

I haven't posted much this summer and that's because I haven't felt like myself much. I can only really write/post on social media when I'm happy and sure of myself. I'm one of those people that when I'm upset, angry [insert any other negative emotion] I find it really hard to snap out of it and pretend to be happy for the sake of another situation, instead I like to take myself out of the situation because my emotions are usually written all over my face. I'd love to be someone who can switch off that part of their brain and just get on with other stuff but i find it reaaaally hard (apparently this is typical of my horoscope, I'm a Cancer). I guess another part of it is not wanting to come across as fake, posting new outfits and recent happenings when actually that's not how I'm feeling at the moment...

Don't get me wrong, blogging and fashion is a huge love of mine and I really enjoy doing it which is why I'm getting back to it as of right now. Part of what I love is planning and putting together outfits for different occasions and that's why in a lot of my posts I'll say what I was doing or where I was going in each outfit. I even remember events by what I (and everyone else involved in said event) was wearing. It's almost like a memory technique!

Friend: "Do you remember that Indian restaurant we went to on holiday 3 years ago?"
Me: "Oh yeah, I was wearing that flared floral jumpsuit that I got in the sale"

You'll probably know this if you've read any of my other posts but the other thing I love and is one of my absolute favourite things to do ever is rummaging - usually at vintage stores, markets, car boot sales or charity shops. It's the actual act of spending an unknown amount of time sorting through and finding these unusual pieces that are a bit weird and quirky and that you know no one else is going to have. I know this is some people's worst nightmare (I'm talking about you Lauren, I'm also testing to see if you read my blog) but I love it, even if I don't come out of it with something for myself, I've had fun.

With that, I've decided that this is the area I'd like to focus my blog on a bit more. I'm also going to add a "lifestyle" section for all the things I want to post that don't necessarily fall under "fashion". Watch this space!!

//The last time I had blog pics taken - throwback to my birthday all the way back in July// Shirt: Bershka// Jeans: Topshop// Loafers: Gucci// Sunglasses: eBay//

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