Holiday Style: First stop Vegas!

//The fountains of Bellagio dancing to Celine Dion- My heart will go on- This was absolutely incredible//

//Vegas Scenery- outside New York New York at night//
//The Gondolas inside The Venetian//

//More Vegas Scenery- Outside Paris//

//Cashing in my winnings/loss//White Dress-Primark//Leather Jacket-Primark//

//Our $1 casino chips at The Riviera//

//On a Gondola at The Venetian//
//Selfie with our Gondalier/opera singer//
//The "canal"//

//We stayed in the Wynn//

//Just inside the entrance of the Wynn//

//View from  our room (with electric curtains)//

// The pool at the Wynn- 46 degree heat//

// Enormous fruit platter for breakfast at Peppermill's//

//Omlettes the size of a basketball at Peppermill's//
//Inside Peppermill's- Trippy//
//Our first day in Vegas-  pale bodies before we soaked up the sun// Dress:H&M//Choker: thrifted//Sunglasses:eBay//
//Another Vegas scenery pic- Outside Paris//
//INSIDE Caesars Palace//
//Walking down the strip//
//Excalibur Hotel all the way at the other end of the strip//Cropped top; New Look//Culottes:H&M//Shoes: eBay// 

//The view from our "splash out" meal, So good!//

//The Venetian outdoor Canal//
//Jack getting to know the gals at The Riviera//

I don't even know where to start? It may seem as though I've been in hiding but actually.... I've been having the time of my life, USA style :) Jack and I went for just over 2 weeks and managed to cram in Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego and Santa Monica... I can't begin to explain how much fun we had!!! 

So I thought instead of doing one overly long blog post I'd break it down by place and then do a haul of everything I bought a long the way (not alot of style pics in the Vegas edition I'm afraid, just too busy to take them!) 

Our first stop was Vegas... wow! I'd never been here before and I had an idea in my head of what it would be like but it was like nothing I imagined... For one, I didn't think it would be so big. The strip is miles long and with all the cool hotels to see along the way it could take you a whole night to reach the other end (it did us)!

The variety of shopping there is unbelievable... Every high St and designer store you could possibly imagine is guaranteed to appear at least once! I bought some goodies from the likes of Zumiez, Levi, Topshop and forever 21 but had to save some money for the rest of our trip of course.

We stayed in the Wynn and it was absolutely lovely... The service was great, the rooms were great, the restaurants were AMAZING! You also get $100 of hotel credit to spend so we blew it on one meal but it was so worth it!!!

We did everything a tourist would do in Vegas, a bit of light gambling, drinking, eating huge amounts of food, took a gondola ride in the Venetian, watched the fountains of Bellagio, took a dip in the pool in the 46 degree heat, and shopped of course!

For anyone going to Vegas in the future I recommend Peppermill's for breakfast, talk about the biggest portions I've ever seen! They serve breakfast lunch and dinner 24 hours a day so you could literally have ANYTHING for breakfast. My pictures don't do it justice! But make sure you get in early, come 11am the queue is out the door! Also, if you want to experience some casino fun without breaking the bank head to the Riviera, it's right at the end of the strip but they do $1 blackjack!! With all other casinos offering a minimum spend of $15 per hand this is a bargain! And, the whole time you're sitting at the blackjack tables you get free drinks, I made up for my loss in money with free gin and tonics :)

Next up... San Diego

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