How to hunt a decent vintage bargain

I know I harp on a lot about "rummaging" and thrift shopping and vintage and blah blah blah... So I thought I'd share a list of my favourite places to do this and what to look out for.

Car boot sales:
Ok so a car boot sale is one of my favourite summertime outings (not sure if that makes me sad or not but I'm sad that they are coming to an end until next summer), there is one near me that I'd go to every Sunday if I was free. Although there is a LOT of crap at boot sales there are often some hidden treasures to be found but I'd say this probably requires the most amount of rummaging. The best car boot sales tend to be those in more upmarket areas for obvious reasons and you can usually find out about them on local Facebook pages. I tend to come back with some kind of granny handbag (I love a granny bag) and once I found a girl with a stall  selling all her old vintage items (from Blitz) for 50p!! I ended up with two coats and a pair of dungarees for £1.50! Of course, it's hit and miss but if you like reading, you can always be sure to find a good book. One of the weirdest things I've seen people trying to flog is half a packet of batteries....

Vintage shops and events:
Someone I know (who enjoys a vintage bargain equally as much as I do) recently asked me "how do you find out about all these events?" Erm, the truth is they find me, probably because I follow a load of vintage shops and local markets on Facebook and Instagram so I'm a prime target for them. Some words to look our for are "Kilo sale" (everything is weighed and you pay by the kilo "Garage sale" and obviously "vintage market". There are also lots of online retailers and you can always find something on eBay but If I'm honest, I do like to see things in person if I'm buying Vintage items. Some things are OK but when it comes to trousers or anything fitted the sizing has changed over the years so a lot of the time the sizes are guess work, the quality is also a bit harder to gauge as it's not a brand new item.

Fave vintage shops and events: Brick Lane (especially the underground market), Brighton North Laines, Beyond Retro Garage Sale (the physical version is incredible).

It's been and gone now but here is the link so you can see what you missed out on and look out for the next one. Give them a follow on Facebook as they post regularly about all their sales and events.

Next on my list is Bethnal Green's Affordable Vintage Fair on 1st October which I might try this weekend...

//Just a few of the items I picked up at the Beyond Retro garage sale, I'm sure they will all be modelled soon so this is just a snippet//

//Vintage dress also from the Beyond retro Garage Sale//

Charity shops:
Charity shops are often associated with old people but guess what, old people have old stuff so it goes hand in hand that when they give away their old stuff, there are some gems to be found! My grandma recently gave me an 80's duster style jacket after clearing out her wardrobe that looks like she never even wore it. Charity shops don't just have to be about the old stuff either, I've bought brand new items with tags on from charity shops before and again, books are great (can you tell I commute to work). Charity shopping is also probably a little bit less out of your way as you can usually find them in most shopping areas, the key again is to seek out charity shops in affluent areas (like west London). Lastly, it's for charity and sustainable shopping saves the planet so you can feel good too.

You can see a few items I picked up in my charity shop challenge post here.


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