Valencia: Where to eat

I've recently got back from a weekend away in Valencia with my mum, we spent all of our time either shopping, soaking up the sun, walking around the city or eating which was much needed.  If you're thinking about a weekend city break Valencia should definitely be on your list of considerations. The flight is quick and cheap and the city is lovely, with the added benefit of a huge beach if the weather's nice, it's also not as expensive as Barcelona down the road.

Before I went I looked up a few of the best places to eat in the city because I hate spending ages walking around looking for a restaurant to try and then not knowing if it's going to be any good. What is more disappointing than an unsatisfactory meal? I searched for a variety of best coffee shops, healthy cafes and good Tapas so I thought I would share the best of the ones we tried (all were amazing) in case you are heading over.


Almalibre is actually an acai bar and is rated number one on Trip Advisor in Valencia for healthy food. We went at around 9pm for dinner and it was full so we were lucky to get a seat (you can and should book). There's a really laid back, casual vibe inside (full of hipsters) and even though they do sell a selection of cocktails I would say this would be a better venue for lunch purely because it's so casual. 
Food wise we both had the vegan hot dog and as two non-vegans we thought it was incredible, perhaps even better than most of the meat hot dogs I've had? Even the more carnivorous among you might be surprised. For dessert I had to try an acai bowl, I went for a small bowl topped with banana, coconut and granola and this was more than enough after having a main. Delicious!

Best for: Lunch, vegan food, acai bowls 

//Bluebell coffee//

 I'm going to spoil the fun and say straight up that this was my favourite place we tried. It's set in the Rusafa district of Valencia for a start, near all the vintage shops so that was handy for afterwards. It was also the best coffee I had the whole weekend, Spanish coffee is not for me, however this tasted like any coffee you'd get from a good London barista. Although searching online might lead you to believe that Bluebell Coffee only sells coffee and cake, it does so much more...

We went here for breakfast and sat in the courtyard out the back, it was around 10.30am when we got there and by the time we left it was full! I had kale pancakes with smoked salmon and poached eggs and mum had standard avocado on toast with feta, it was bloody good! There were lots of other enticing options on the menu like truffle waffles and ham or yoghurt with homemade granola and fresh fruit. I'd love to go and revisit this place.

Best for: Breakfast, good coffee, healthy options

//El Tap//

Although we were in Spain, this was the only real tapas we had and it didn't disappoint (thank God for Trip Advisor). El Tap is really tiny and there is no English menu available, however the owner speaks basic English and was able to make some recommendations from the menu so don't let that put you off. He advised us to just choose 3 dishes between two, which didn't sound like much but we went with it. No surprise, he was right, it was more than enough! 

We had the burrata (huge mozzarella and cream ball pictured above), some ham and cheese croquettes and sesame teriyaki tuna which didn't didn't sound all that Spanish but tasted incredible. The mozzarella was just, wow it was so creamy and gooey and we could literally spread it straight onto the bread, I've never had anything quite like it and if anything there was a bit too much for just the two of us. If you're in a group this would be perfect!

Best for: Dinner, tapas, wine 


//La Manera//

We went to La Manera on our first night for dinner and ended up coming back 3 times (once just for the cocktails as it seemed to be the only place that does an Aperol Spritz). It's a modern cafe/restaurant/bar and the menu is packed full of healthy food, tapas, gluten free options and breakfast depending on the time of day. Apparently they do a good coffee here too but I didn't get round to trying that. I did try the grilled octopus with smoked potato mash, followed by a gluten free brownie cheesecake (above) both of which I'd recommend. This place is just a really good all rounder, no matter what you're looking for I think there would be something to suit everyone here and the staff were really lovely! It's also right in the middle of the city which is why we defaulted to here a few times.

Best for: Dinner, cocktails, healthy options, all rounder

Currently thinking of what to write about in my next Valencia post...

Love, mum and I 

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