Forever getting hair out of my face...

//Jumper dress: Pull and Bear// Polo neck: Primark//Chunky boots: Asos//

I thought it was about time I went back to my roots and posted some current outfits. The truth is, in winter I don't dare brave the cold so all I really have is pics of me in huge (but very warm and cosy) coats and that gets boring!

The star of this outfit is my favourite new pair of "everyday" boots that I bought by accident. I wasn't looking for a new pair but I was buying something really tiny from Asos and I subscribe to next day delivery so I thought "what a waste if all I get delivered is this tiny bit of jewellery". Well anyway, I found these boots and I don't regret it even a tiny bit! Since I've had them I haven't worn a single pair of my other boots because they are so comfy and they match with pretty much everything so that's me sorted until sandal season...  

Pull and Bear also had a GREAT sale recently which is where I found this jumper, (I seem to have really stocked up on the oversized red jumpers this year) they still have loads of stuff left in the sale online too.


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