Nothing beats new gym clothes for fitness motivation

(There is a phone in that pocket!!)

//Leggings: Zakti// Vest: Zakti// Sweatshirt: Zakti// Trainers: Nike Metcons//

I thought it was about time I did another gym haul as it's what I spend the majority of my time wearing... after work, at weekends, when I work from home, right now etc.

A little while ago I realised that the majority of my gym wardrobe was pretty jazzy and brightly coloured so I decided to invest in some toned down pieces that will match with everything (I also just love black).

Zakti is one of my favourite activewear brands at the moment, if they hadn't opened a new store on Reigate High Street nearly 2 years ago I think I would probably still be blissfully unaware of their existence. However, since they opened it has become my go to place for gym clothes and just general activewear. It's so reasonably priced and they have different collections for specialist sports such as skiing, running, yoga etc.

My favourite thing ever that they do is leggings with pockets (like my ones in the pics above), and I mean big enough pockets to fit your smartphone in!! They have a concealed pocket on each leg that sits flat to your thigh and is big enough to hold your phone/key/credit card/gym pass whilst keeping it really secure (it won't jiggle about). I think this is the best invention ever as I hate wearing my phone around my arm when I run because it rubs. This however is a much more strategic place, as it's easy to get in and out when you need and you don't even notice it! Lastly, if you're anything like my friend who keeps her phone in her sports bra when she runs, this is a tried a tested way of smashing less phone screens...


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